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God's medicines (July 21)

Name some of the medicines or treatments for us one might find in God’s first aid bag.

At Home With the Benton Sisters

ISBN:  0000213700
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Learn to Cook the Healthy Way With Natural Foods

If you’ve tired almost every diet you can find and ended up discouraged, disappointed, and frustrated–you don’t need another diet, you need a new lifestyle. This 10-part, five-video series will provide guidelines toward a healthy lifestyle change and demonstrations of well-balanced meal planning with wholesome vegan recipes.

These videos will help you learn to cook with natural foods that strengthen your immune system and reduce your risk of disease. A diet using a wide variety of fresh fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables, simply prepared without harmful food additives, will help you regain and retain abundant health.

This set includes five one-hour videos plus two cookbooks: What’s Cooking in the Benton Sisters’ Kitchen? and More Cooking From the Benton Sisters’ Kitchen. (These two cookbooks and a recently-released cookbook, Still Cooking in the Benton Sisters’ Kitchen, are also available separately.) These heart-healthy cookbooks use no animal fat, refined fats, or dairy products, and are high in fiber. In addition to delicious recipes, each cookbook gives meal planning hints and sources for healthy ingredients.


Each 30-minute program covers one health-related topic and includes demonstrations of well-balanced meal planning with wholesome vegan recipes from the cookbooks.

Program 1: Nutrition Overview (Cheesy Hash Browns, Tofu Scrambler and more)

Program 2: Harmful Effects of Sugar and Chocolate (Peach Pie, Vanilla Ice Cream and other delicious recipes)

Program 3: Harmful Effects of Food Additives (Chicken Rice Casserole, Honeydew Melon Swan, and more)

Program 4: Benefits of Fresh Air (Potato Salad, Chick Patties, Mayonnaise, Pimento Cheese, and more)

Program 5: Sunlight (Banana Cream Pie, Boysenberry Yogurt, and more)

Program 6: Benefits of Water and Hot Foot Baths (Spinach-filled Vegan Turkey Loaf, Holiday Baubles, Mushroom Gravy, and more)

Program 7: Benefits of Rest (Apricot Cream Puff with Frosting, Oil-free Whole Wheat Bread, and more)

Program 8: Bread-making Tips (Pizza Rolls, Spinach Cheese Twist, and Honey Nut Twist)

Program 9: Cholesterol (Four Layer Heart Cake–wedding cake)

Program 10: Delicious Food (Four-layer Bavarian Dessert, Cheese Cake, Stuffed Shells, and egg replacement)