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God's medicines (July 21)

Name some of the medicines or treatments for us one might find in God’s first aid bag.

Adventist Review

ISBN:  01611119

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Find yourself immersed in a vibrant, thriving community of fellow believers by subscribing to the Adventist Review. Three times a month it reports on what’s happening among our people and organizations. You’ll see for yourself why it is the most respected source of news and information in world church.

Don’t I Already Get the Review?

The Adventist World magazine comes free to church members in the North American Division and other parts of the world. But it has a different focus from the Adventist Review, which comes out three times each month and covers subjects in more depth.

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When you get the Review, you’re connecting with authors who are seeking a deeper understanding of the love of God. Their thoughtful editorials and devotionals will inspire you. Their study of Bible subjects—such as the role of modern Israel in prophecy—will enlighten you.

Relevant to Your Spiritual Walk

The changing world always brings new challenges to the Christian life. The Review puts you in the company of people who are exploring what God would have them do in these contemporary circumstances. Articles like "Living Authentically in a Phony World" help you see how your faith applies to the things you have to face today. At least one article in every issue provides practical help for situations such as a child who says, "I don't want to go to church anymore."

Authors You’d Like to Meet for Lunch

The columnists in the Review are friends who want to sit down with you and discuss spiritual things. Hyveth Williams, Jimmy Phillips, and Fredrick Russell are determined to challenge you and stimulate your thinking. Cliff Goldstein continues to offer new believers plenty of evidence why biblical faith is the only viable alternative in a sea of relativism.

Something for Kids

A subscription to the Review includes KidsView, an eight page monthly magazine that introduces kids to their church family.  It’s got stories, activities, facts and more.

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The Review includes heartwarming stories of grace and changed lives. And, of course, it has news of the Adventist Church with late-breaking stories and compelling features. Subscribe today and connect to a worldwide community of faith.