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Guide's Greatest Funny Stories

Children, Stories


A GUIDE collection.


SYNOPSIS:  Laugh . . . and learn.The 30 stories in this collection will delight you while they enlighten you. Meet George, the big, tough kid at summer camp who finds he isn’t so tough after all. And disobedient Dan, who ends up losing his shorts . . . literally. And Kermit, a hotshot on the ski slope, who discovers a hilarious truth about pride and a fall.You’ll chuckle in surprise as rowdy Mary and Betsy watch their mother’s strange behavior in church. And when a practical joke intended for Charlie gets his three friends in a heap of trouble. And when Jack, who thinks a lie will cover his secret, wakes up to a squirmy surprise. And when sly Sally gets caught by the catch of the day.You’ll find yourself reading and retelling these stories to family, friends, and anyone who needs a good laugh . . . and a lesson.



Available on Amazon and Google.

Guide's Greatest Funny Stories

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