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Paul's Journey From Tarsus to Rome

Bible Study, Spiritual Growth, Commentary


BY:  Rex D. Edwards


SYNOPSIS:  Introducing the apostle Paul you thought you knew . . . until now.Feel the heat of the confrontation between Christians and Judaizers in Antioch. Sit in the dungeon with Paul and Silas as the earth moves beneath you and iron bars twist open for your supernatural release. Travel with Paul to breathe on the fires of early churches, igniting to life a gospel that will spread around the world. Finally, witness his violent and victorious end in Rome.Radical. Cold-blooded persecutor. Misogynist. Preacher. Inventor of Christianity. The apostle Paul has been called a lot of names—but who was this imposing personality?Whether you are a critic or defender of Paul, or simply curious about the man whose writings make up the majority of the New Testament, you will be fascinated by the results of Edwards’ research.



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Paul's Journey From Tarsus to Rome

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