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The One

Sermons, Spiritual Growth


BY:  David Asscherick and Ty Gibson


SYNOPSIS:  "You hold our hearts in your hand right now, believe us. We know that it may look like a book, but this is no ordinary book. It is a labor of love and a treasure trove of biblical truth and beauty. Our blood, sweat, and tears of joy are in these sermons. We're asking you to hold these sermons, this work of heart, close to your own heart."Why should you?"Not just because they are dear to us, but far more important, because they hold the very truths that are dearest to the heart of God Himself! These 12 sermons are about the One, Jesus Christ. Like all good sermons, these seek to lift Him higher and higher in the minds and hearts of the readers and hearers."Now get out there and have fun, because honestly, and believe us on this, there is nothing more enjoyable, fulfilling, challenging, and just plain awesome than telling people about Jesus Christ."Get up there, where 'there' is . . . get up in front and . . . preach your guts out!"-

David Asscherick and Ty Gibson




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The One

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