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AUTHORS:  Alla Czerkasij and Natalie Czerkasij Lewellen


For years the heart-pounding “edge-of-your-seat survival story” of Alla Czerkasij has captivated audiences everywhere, and now for the first time it is available in print.

Alla was just a child when World War II invaded the Ukraine. The blunt horror of war ended her childhood. In 1944 Allied forces made their way toward the German forced-labor camp where she and a handful of family members struggled to stay alive. Under the constant threat of starvation, torture, and death, Alla remembered back to childhood moments on her knees when she had sensed the presence of God. Alla decided that if the war ever ended and she survived to see it, she would find Him again.

Haunting and inspiring, this is the true story of a girl who, amid the soul-ravaging horrors of war, came to know the God of hope and deliverance.



Available on Amazon and Google.


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