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Eschatology from an Adventist Perspective


Bible Study, Doctrine


BY:  Biblical Research Institue (Author), Elias Brasil de Souza (Editor), A. Rahel Wells (Editor), Laszlio Gallusz (Editor), Denis Kaiser (Editor)


SYNOPSIS:  "Adventist Eschatology is an exploration and exposition of biblical apocalyptic eschatology. It announces a future characterized by a drastic discontinuity between the present order of things and a future one to be established by the Lord. It proclaims the consummation of the eschatological newness initiated by Christ and therefore it should place its primary emphasis not on what will be terminated, but on the establishment of God’s eternal kingdom on earth and the healing of the cosmos. Adventist eschatology is a biblical vision of a most glorious future for the cosmos and the human race." —Angel Manuel Rodriguez


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Eschatology from an Adventist Perspective

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