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Exile of the Chosen

Children, Teens, Stories, Christian Living


BY:  Sally Pierson Dillon


SYNOPSIS:  Mark, the celestial watcher, is quivering with excitement clear to his wingtips . . . as he records the stories of children who live through the most thrilling moments of Old Testament history.


Such as Jedediah, son of Ahab, who sees Elijah call down fire from heaven on Mount Carmel. Or Zillah, daughter of Jedediah, who is captured and becomes a household slave by Naaman of Syria, a leper. Next we meet Miriam, Zillah's niece, who wonders about the mystery child that Aunt Zillah, now back in her own land, keeps hidden away in the Temple. Then there is Daud, the dock thief who steals the belongings of the prophet Jonah, only to meet up with a horribly sick sea monster. In his terror Daud promises the God of Israel that if his life is spared, he will do whatever God wants.


"I made a promise like that myself," the smelly Jonah tells Daud. And so they become friends.


In author Sally Dillon's child's-eye view of sacred history, prophets and kings and scheming scoundrels come alive in vivid technicolor. What a splendid way to experience the later history of Israel and Judah, and become friends with the friends of God!




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Exile of the Chosen

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