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Exploring Mark


Bible Study, Spiritual Growth, Commentary


BY:  George R. Knight


SYNOPSIS:  It was the worst of times. The believers faced the atrocities of an emperor gone mad. They were burned alive. Torn apart. Amid Roman horror, Mark decided the church needed some good news. No one had ever written a Gospel before. Later Gospels enhance the picture, but Mark set the mold. Other Gospels focus more on Jesus teaching; but in Mark, the Man of Action marches rapidly through the Jewish milieu of first-century Palestine all the way to the cross. And now George Knight brings Mark's world down to ours with a user-friendly devotional commentary that goes behind the scenes and, with a new translation, unfolds the rich tapestry of Mark for contemporary Christians. Mark's Jesus demanded secrecy on the part of His disciples. But He also said, "Whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed" (Mark 4:22, NIV). In this commentary Mark's secrets about Jesus are revealed to enlarge the searching mind and bless the seeking heart.



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Exploring Mark

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