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Devotional, Young Adult, Teen, Bible Stories


BY:  Clinton A. Valley


SYNOPSIS:  What would your life be like if you walked each day with God?


If you’ve ever wanted to connect with God for real, this is the book for you. With a blend of side-splitting humor and Bible truth, Melissa and Greg Howell take you on a tour through the rough-and-tumble world of the Bible, stopping just long enough for you to hear God speak to you.


Fusion will introduce you to Bible characters whose stories you may never have read. You’ll also learn facts that’ll blow you away, such as this one: Ancient rabbis prohibited people under 30 from reading Song of Solomon? Find out why when you read the June 16 entry.Imagine knowing a God who can see 150 years into the future. You’ll meet that God on June 22. Imagine spending time with Someone who believes in you and your ability to change the world. That Someone awaits you on August 31.


What would life be like with God? This is the year to find out.



Available on Amazon and Google.


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