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Gate of the Gods: God's Quest for Nebuchadnezzar

Bible Stories; Spiritual Growth


BY:  Thurman C. Petty



Flushed with victory, the young Babylonian prince surveyed the battleground where his army had defeated the Egyptians. In the distance a division of elite soldiers rapidly pursued the fleeing survivors. He mourned the loss of so many brave warriors, but quickly focused on his quest—to expand Babylon’s control of world trade. Egypt was only one of the nations to be conquered; before long Lebanon, Phoenicia, Syria, and Judah would feel the edge of Babylonian swords. Soon he, Nebuchadnezzar, would be king, and all the world would pay homage to him.


Little did Nebuchadnezzar know that he had been chosen by God to bring retribution to the nations of the world for their sins. Little did he know that he himself was the object of pursuit and that God would employ prophetic dreams, four loyal Judean captives, a fiery furnace, and, finally, insanity in His own quest—to rescue Nebuchadnezzar’s soul.


Book 4 of 5.



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Gate of the Gods: God's Quest for Nebuchadnezzar

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