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God's Big Idea


Devotional, Primary, Children


BY:  RosAnne C. Tetz


SYNOPSIS:  Rosy Tetz starts at the beginning. . . (a very good place to start), with God’s plan to create a new world. You’ll be guided, in amazing depth and detail, through the six days of Creation, and end up with God’s plan for a new earth.


When you finish this book, you will know what Seventh-day Adventists believe. More important, you will know that God has a plan for this world—and a plan for you, too. And that will make you happy!


Along the way you’ll solve many of life's lesser mysteries (do fish sleep?) and think about a few of the greater ones (why am I here?). And every fascinating fact about the world we live in (cats purr) becomes a doorway to big truth about life (be content).


What can we learn from, say, schools of fish? Well, cooperation with others, for one thing. Don't follow the crowd, for another. The end result is win-win wisdom. Think of it as 365 rules for happiness.


God wants you to know His plans. He promises: "I will make you wise. I will show you where to go. I will guide you and watch over you" (Psalm 32:8). You can get wise and grow your soul by starting every morning with a big idea from God. Here are hundreds of them! What are you waiting for?



Available on Amazon and Google.

God's Big Idea

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