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Guide's Greatest Narrow Escape Stories

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A GUIDE collection.


SYNOPSIS:  Sometimes things happen that convince you Somebody’s got your back. You know those close calls that make your heart start racing—or nearly stop. Those nerve-racking experiences that leave you in shock and relief that you made it through. Those are the narrow escapes that make you realize that God is working overtime to keep you safe.


Here are the true stories of some astonishing narrow escapes that definitely involved help from Heaven. How else could we explain these stories of survival? Just imagine being held at gunpoint by two drunk men! What about a car stuck on railroad tracks—with a train fast approaching! And just wait until you read about a frightening visit to a fortuneteller, a raging bull running straight toward a girl, and scuba divers trapped under a sheet of ice.


Whew! There’s nothing like a narrow escape to remind us that God is watching out for us!



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Guide's Greatest Narrow Escape Stories

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