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Help For the Harvest: Every Member a Soul Winner

Evangelism, Ministry


BY:  Gloria J. Bell (Author), Mark Finley (Foreword)


SYNOPSIS:  Nothing can bring more joy than to have someone walk up to you years later and ask, “Do you remember me? I took Bible studies from you and was baptized.”Seventh-day Adventists have been called to be Bible workers who lead others to Jesus Christ.The call has been extended to you. Now here is the training to go along with it.Based on more than 40 years of experience, Gloria J. Bell, Ph.D., has created the ultimate training guide for Bible workers. It is designed to help anyone achieve greater success at soul winning, with specific emphasis on the short-term evangelistic series. Using Scripture, counsel from Ellen G. White, and tried-and-true techniques, Bell guides you through every stage of reaching your community for Christ, from making first contact with individuals, to holding an evangelistic series, to confirming decisions for Christ and following up.You'll learn to:get meaningful conversations startedincorporate prayer into your ministryhelp people feel relaxed and accepted at an evangelistic meetinglead positive in-home visitsrespond to disagreements and common objectionsgauge degrees of interest and commitment and respond accordinglyYou can be bold for God and reach your community.



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Help For the Harvest: Every Member a Soul Winner

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