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Help! I'm Being Followed


Leadership, Christian Living, Ministry


BY:  Clinton A. Valley


SYNOPSIS:  What would happen if Christian leaders decided that ""good enough"" is no longer good enough? What if they stepped out of the comfort zone, stood for right, and strived for excellence? What if they were fearlessly committed to following God's lead and trusting he future to Him?


In this book, Clinton Valley casts just such a vision for Christian leaders. Drawing from years of experience, Valley offers insight about the true purpose of leadership and the profile of an effective leader. The practical and inspiring principles he shares will help you develop the vision, skills and focus you need to lead effectively. Help! I'm Being Followed addresses how to make positive changes, deal with conflict, handle criticism, and plan for relevance and progress.


Page after page you will find priceless knowledge and the growing confidence that the God who called you to lead will qualify, guide, and sustain you.


Includes review exercises for individual or group study.



Available on Amazon and Google.

Help! I'm Being Followed

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