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I'm Adopted, You're Adopted

Children, Relationships


Author: Susan Davis


SYNOPSIS:  Teach a child about adoption, joy, and the importance of belonging. The adoption metaphor reaches us all for we have all been adopted into the family of God.


Sandi doesn’t have her own mommy and daddy, so Jeffie and Mom and Daddy are going to adopt her. They are going to be Sandi’s new family. They have waited a long, long time to meet her.

They have fixed a pretty new room for her. New clothes fill her closet. And now Sandi is finally coming!


Then Jeffie discovers that Sandi isn’t the only one who is adopted—he has been adopted into God’s family. And God has waited a long, long time too. “Adoption is one of the happiest things in the world,” Jeffie says. “It makes me feel good inside!”


When you are adopted, everything is all right.



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I'm Adopted, You're Adopted

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