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I Surrender: Living a Totally Dependent Life

Spiritual Growth


BY: DuWayne Carlson


SYNOPSIS:  Remember playing childhood games in which you struggled against your opponent until one of you gave up in defeat? We tend to see surrendering as a sign of weakness. We're taught to fight back tears, bullies, and pain. We’re taught to suck it up, keep a stiff upper lip, and never let others know our true feelings. But in our relationship with God there's something powerful about surrender! If we long to be like Jesus in faith, attitude, and love, we have to learn to depend on Him fully.Join Dr. Carlson on his journey as he uncovers the role of true dependence on God in the life of a Christian. In 17 chapters he explores the exploits of the children of Israel as they learn lessons of faith, and recounts personal stories of surrender.In a world in which independence is celebrated, could it be that dependence is what we really need?



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I Surrender: Living a Totally Dependent Life

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