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It's Your Money Isn't It?


Finances, Leadership, Christian Living


BY:  G. Edward Reid


SYNOPSIS:  The author brings an end-time urgency to the way we handle money. He says it's time to abandon worldly attitudes toward borrowing, planning for retirement, investing, and estate planning. With 1,600 references to money and possessions, the Bible shows us a better way.


Many well-meaning Adventist Christians find themselves getting involved in the same financial practices as their non-Christian peers–credit card debt, money-hoarding habits, over-indulgence, and wrong concepts about investments, insurance, estate planning, and retirement.


What is a Christian to do? Do we have any counsel regarding proper methods of management? G. Edward Reid says yes–very definitely! Through His Word, God has given specific guidelines to direct our lives so that we can enjoy the blessings that He promises.


Topics covered in this book include debt elimination, estate planning, investments, teaching children, home purchasing, tithing, retirement, Christian education, and family budget. Discussion questions follow each chapter.



Available on Amazon and Google.

It's Your Money Isn't It?

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