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Knowing Jesus Is Everything

Christian Living, Doctrine


Author:  Alejandro Bullon


Synopsis:  If you were drowning and someone tossed you a life preserver, would you refuse it and try to swim to safety on your own? Or would you grab it immediately and cling to it for dear life? The answer is obvious--you'd snatch up the life preserver in a heartbeat!


But what if your eternal life was at stake? Would you insist on trying to save yourself? Or would you let God rescue you? If you've ever thought that the Christian life is just too difficult--or even impossible--take a deep breath, find a comfortable chair, and face reality.


It is too difficult--if you don't know Jesus personally. No matter what you do (or don't do), you don't stand a chance without Him. In these pages are hope and guidance for pursuing a genuine friendship with Jesus.


Because, you see, knowing Jesus is everything--it is life.




Available on Amazon and Google.

Knowing Jesus Is Everything

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