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Laying Down The Law

Sabbath School, Teaching, Spiritual Growth


BY:  Keith Burton


SYNOPSIS:  God’s law is a reminder of His love.The Pharisees piled up a mountain of human-made rules in their attempt to keep the law. . . . But their fixation on the legal code ended up pushing them further away from the righteousness they sought to attain.In contrast, some modern Christians have abandoned the law in their pursuit of righteousness, declaring themselves liberated from outdated, unessential rules.So what role should God’s law have in the Christian’s life? What part does it play in the work of salvation? How does it relate to grace?In Laying Down the Law Keith Augustus Burton explores the law of God through the perspective of Jesus Christ. With each chapter he reveals the role of the law, clarifies common misunderstandings, and challenges traditional assumptions about the function of the law. Through Bible verses, personal stories, and insights into the culture and worldview of biblical times, you’ll discover what the law reveals about God’s character and His loving plan for us.




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Laying Down The Law

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