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Life is Good


Christian Living, Spiritual Growth, Suffering


BY:  William G. Johnsson


SYNOPSIS:  Life is good for some people. Their struggles are minor, their worries manageable. For the most part, they enjoy what life serves up. But what about those for whom life is a never-ending cycle of oppression, pain, and frustration? Is this present misery all there is? And if it is, what's the point?


Whether you believe this life has purpose or is utterly meaningless, you have faith in one or the other. Naturally faith isn't based on anything proven, but rests on some kind of evidence. And over the centuries there has been a gradual loss of faith in a divine being. Men used to build cathedrals, the author observes. Now they build sports stadiums. What evidence have they, and we, been following?


William G. Johnsson subscribes to the theory that there is, in fact, an afterlife. A perfect, evil-free existence that is better than we could ever imagine. Others, however, have traced the evidence and come to very different conclusions. You may have already considered some of Johnsson's reasons, while some of his thoughts may be fresh ideas to ponder. But it's up to you to follow the evidence where it leads.




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Life is Good

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