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Living Praise


Stories, Health & Wellness


BY:  Allan R. Handysides


SYNOPSIS:  Life is a gift from God. A gift He gave not just once . . . but twice.


Included in this gift of life is another gift—health. Everyone has it—but in varying degrees. And not just physical health but mental, spiritual, emotional, and social health as well. It’s up to the individual to nurture or abuse this gift.


So what does “living praise” mean? Allan R. Handysides says that “living in the presence of God transforms faith from a passive belief to an active living praise.” In other words, the choices you make concerning health are directly influenced by how close your relationship is with the Creator and ultimately praise or insult Him.


Healthful living isn’t about eating food that tastes like cardboard and exercising obsessively. It’s about balance, love, and gratitude. Discover the concepts of CELEBRATIONS—a wholistic approach emphasizing Jesus as the source of the blessing of health.



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Living Praise

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