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Not Alone

Christian Living, Spiritual Growth, Supernatural


BY:  Cheryl Porter


SYNOPSIS: Nobody had time for Kellie.

Mom was always working, Dad was often drunk, and her older brother had his own life. And when she started junior high, even her friend Heather didn’t hang out with her anymore.


So when ninth grade rolled around, Kellie was thrilled to finally find a best friend, Mary. But life didn’t stay happy for long—her parents decided to move to a smaller house 25 miles away. The new place didn’t even have enough bedrooms, so Kellie had to sleep out in the guesthouse.


Out there in the guesthouse, Kellie used her Ouija board to contact the previous owner of the home. At first, having her very own “ghost” made her feel special, but the attention soon turned ugly. Eventually she discovered that only God could banish the demon for good—and that He had never left her to fight her battles alone.



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Not Alone

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