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Planet in Distress


End-Time Events, Science, Nature


BY:  Scott Christiansen


SYNOPSIS:  This book, which will appeal to Adventists who are interested in both current events and the end-times, is a product of the author’s intense interest in Creation, end-times, and environmental science, and wonders how the very apparent decline in the earth's environment fits into the Great Controversy, if at all. As he began researching, Christiansen has been amazed at how much information there is and that it has been in front of us all the time (though not previously seen in the light of the current age).


He says, "The result of my studies has been a deeper spiritual experience, a deeper understanding of the great controversy, a deeper understanding of, and loathing for, sin, and a deeper sense of urgency in regard to spreading the Gospel." The book includes a series of recommendations for what Adventists can do to prepare for what is at hand and to strengthen their personal ministry.



Available on Amazon and Google.

Planet in Distress

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