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Radical Protection


Spiritual Growth



BY:  Derek Morris


SYNOPSIS:  Are you aware that a great cosmic battle is being fought over your soul?


While the attacks from the enemy can be subtle, the results can be disastrous if you are not properly armed.


Discover the reality of the conflict and how to embrace the essential radical protection that only God can provide in these perilous times of earth’s history.The cosmic battle between good and evil is real—put on the whole armor of God! —Jack Blanco, author of The Clear Word


At last a book that deals with the real battle—the cosmic conflict for your soul. I have witnessed this battle firsthand, and I encourage you to read Radical Protection and put on the armor of God. —Ron Halvorsen, evangelist and author of Prayer Warrior


Derek has done it again! You’re going to like this strong new book in the Radical series. Your faith will stretch as you explore these personal armor messages straight from the heart of God.—Ruthie Jacobsen, member of the National Prayer Committee




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Radical Protection

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