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Reaching the Unreachable

Biography, Inspirational


BY:  Martin F. Scott


SYNOPSIS:  Criminals are often painted as wolves among sheep. They are characterized as the sinister and the predatory. But a prisoner’s reality is sometimes very different. In every person, God sees a lost sheep.Martin Scott, a disciple of God and a convicted felon, gives insights into the reality of spiritual life in prison. You will learn about the dynamics of prison discipleship and about the critical need for ministry from the outside. You may also find that you are more similar to those on the inside than you thought.A prisoner seeking God is someone who wants a personal relationship with Him. They come face to face with their sinful nature, yearn for the peace found in the grace of God, and search for a way to transform their life for the better. Scott shares how to minister to wolves that have lost their thirst for blood and have chosen instead to find refuge in the pastures of their Shepherd.




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Reaching the Unreachable

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