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Second Chance

Biography, Inspirational


BY:  Jim Ayer and Maylan Schurch


SYNOPSIS:  Jim Ayer lived to get high—and to convince everyone he met that they should get high too. So one fateful day when he was 19, God interrupted his marijuana high with a fantastic view of the battle for his soul. That got his attention . . . for a little while.Needless to say, God didn’t throw in the towel after the first attempt. In the meantime Jim opened an exotic pet store, got married, and had a son. And wouldn’t you know, God invited Himself back into Jim’s life while he was high on marijuana. This time it was now or never, and he chose God wholeheartedly, as did his wife, Janene.Second chances are incredible gifts—Jim would discover that God doesn’t give up, but neither does His adversary. And that which seems impossible can happen. Again and again!




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Second Chance

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