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Stories That Transform

Take a fresh new look at the parables of Jesus!


Daniel Pel, author, of the inVerse third-quarter Sabbath School quarterly, expands this inspirational topic of the parables of Jesus in this book, Stories That Transform.


This is a lovely book. It explains the stories of Jesus in simple easy-to-read language and applies the principles of Jesus' teaching to the everyday life of the reader. In explaining the parables, Daniel Pel uses stories from his own life and the lives of others, making this book accessible and relatable. Take time to read this book, and you will gain new insights into the parables and their importance to the lives of all who seek to know God.

     —Victor Marley, president, Norwegian Union, Seventh-day Adventist Church

In Stories That Transform, Daniel Pel has made Jesus’ parables extremely practical and compelling, yet deeply thought-provoking. Daniel urges us to “find ourselves” in each parable and allow the words of Christ to transform us. Not only does he present fresh insights in each individual parable, but the developments and connections between the parables paint a fascinating story we are invited to be part of. If you want to explore Jesus’ parables for the first time or anew, this book is for you!

     —Cody Francis, Ministerial director, Michigan Conference


Using engaging narratives and parables, Daniel has brilliantly weaved in doctrinal truths applicable to our present time. He has taken well-known parables and made them highly applicable to the Christian journey.

     —Johnny Wong, church planter, author of Business Unusual, Melbourne, Australia


Author Biography


Daniel Pel is a passionate communicator of the Bible. His dynamic and logical way of presenting Scripture has been an inspiration for many around the world. With an enthusiasm for the gospel of Jesus, Daniel serves as a pastor and public speaker. He is married to Silvia, and they have two sons named Elias and Enoch. As a family, living in beautiful Norway, they love exploring the outdoors. 


Available on Amazon and Google as an ebook and a paperback on Amazon

Stories That Transform

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