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The Body of Christ


Doctrine, Bible Study, Church Life


BY:  Reinder Bruinsma


SYNOPSIS:  The church is the body of Christ—God’s people.


With a clear, straightforward definition such as this, the subject of the church isn’t one that most people would consider a “doctrine.” For this reason, there aren’t many books that deal with this crucial fundamental belief. This very readable and informative treatment of such a vital topic fills an important gap in Adventist literature.


Reinder Bruinsma’s far-ranging look at the doctrine of the church moves from Old and New Testament foundations for this doctrine up through church government and on to controversial issues such as ordination and church discipline.


Fittingly, he concludes with the mission and future of the church. His fourfold approach—biblical and theological, historical, practical, and with an Adventist perspective—ensures that every facet of the doctrine is explored in detail.


This though-provoking discussion challenges those who call themselves “God’s people” to examine their current understanding of the church and to prayerfully consider their roles as part of the body of Christ.



Available on Amazon and Google.

The Body of Christ

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