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The Glory of the Vision


Education, History, Loma Linda, Medical


BY:  Richard A. Schaefer


SYNOPSIS:  When God presented the instruction to establish a medical school, Adventist leaders such as Ellen White knew what they had to do, but the road to success was anything but smooth.


Tired, confused, and disappointed, Adventist believers fought to meet standardized requirements, challenge the draft during World War I, and survive the Great Depression. Despite countless hardships, the faith and support of Adventist leaders and believers remained strong in the task ahead. Believing they had direct instruction from God to construct an Adventist medical school, they determinedly created the first of its kind: one set apart to educate God-fearing men and women as physicians.


Throughout the years of its history Loma Linda University has continued to stand and exemplify Christ-centered education. Its story is a testament of faith and proof that with God all things are possible.



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The Glory of the Vision

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