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The Judgment and Assurance: The Dynamics of Personal Salvation


Doctrine, Bible Study, Church Life


BY:  Woodrow W. Whidden II


SYNOPSIS:  TMany people are tormented by a lack of genuine Christian assurance, simply because of theological and practical misunderstandings. Woodrow W. Whidden II addresses common questions and misunderstandings as he explores the Seventh-day Adventist doctrines of grace, law, salvation, judgment, and final events. His findings reveal biblical teachings that will inspire a deep, refreshing sense of the assurance of salvation. How can believers know with certainty that they are saved? Does the Bible teach a cosmic, pre-Advent investigative judgment based on works? Who will survive the latter rain, the close of probation, and the time of trouble?What do believers do with failure, backsliding, and the fear of judgment? Are Ellen G. White’s writings a help or a stumbling block when understanding salvation?This powerful and comprehensive book will help believers become assured and balanced Christians, able to understand and explain the biblical teachings on judgment and assurance.



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The Judgment and Assurance: The Dynamics of Personal Salvation

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