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The Meanest Man in the Army: and Other Stories of Grace

Stories, Christian Living


BY:  Stuart Tyner


SYNOPSIS:  Look at Goliath—he’s taller than a house! Watch out for his spear—it’s thick like a tree trunk. Can God find a hero to face the giant?Count the soldiers in Gideon’s tiny army. How can 300 men chase away thousands with nothing but torches and trumpets?Listen to chariots rumbling and soldiers marching to capture Prophet Elisha. “We’re surrounded!” cries Elisha’s servant. Who can help them now?Welcome to the wild, wonderful world of the Old Testament.These are the stories Jesus heard at His mother’s knee.Now let them shape the growing faith of your own child.Author Stuart Tyner colors every picture of God with shades of grace. Short chapters adapted straight from the Old Testament are just right for family worship time. Each story opens with a full-page picture for children to color and concludes with endnotes for parents to explore the deeper biblical background.Are you looking for a story time adventure in which good news wins out every time? Sit down with this book and a child you love. Soak up the lifesaving promises together: God is mighty. God is merciful. And God is love. He will never, ever stop loving you.



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The Meanest Man in the Army: and Other Stories of Grace

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