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The Radical Teachings of Jesus


Spiritual Growth


BY:  Derek Morris


SYNOPSIS:  Do you believe what Jesus preached?


If you accept that He was actually who He claimed to be, you should!Jesus ignored human traditions and presented His listeners with God's truth. Discover some of the radical ideas He taught that defied conventional wisdom and customs then--and that continue to do so today.


When Jesus is the center of each Bible truth, hearts are touched and lives are changed. Derek Morris uplifts the Jesus of the New Testament in all of His richness and matchless charms. But the gospel Jesus preached is not a soft, watered-down version of easy believism. The Radical Teachings of Jesus will move you to the core of your being. --Mark Finley, Evangelist


In his clear but kind way Derek Morris shows us how to let the radical teachings of Jesus cut across the gods of our culture and transform our lives. Reading this book will give you a greater passion for Jesus and His Word. --Dan Serns, Director of Church Planting North Pacific Union Conference


What I love about my friend Derek Morris is his unabashed passion for Jesus. His powerful book The Radical Prayer not only impacted deeply my own life and ministry, but did so as well for our congregation. And now his heart for Christ is taking The Radical Teachings of Jesus to the world. It couldn't come at a more critical time in history! --Dwight K. Nelson, Senior Pastor Pioneer Memorial Church




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The Radical Teachings of Jesus

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