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Stories, Miracles, Inspiration


BY:  Loron Wade


SYNOPSIS:  You’ve heard miracle stories before. Some sound like mere coincidence, and others could be explained by natural causes. But not the 25 true stories inside these pages. No, these events have God’s fingerprints all over them.


A mission worker loses his pay envelope in the Pacific Ocean while paddling his canoe homeward. Two days later the paper money surfs the waves into the lagoon near his house, and a piece of driftwood follows carrying the coins.


A medical officer on board a ship during World War II senses imminent danger and is impressed to pray. Three of four torpedoes headed straight for the ship swerve off course—and the fourth bounces off the hull without exploding.


In Southeast Asia a stranger with a shining face brings shortwave radios to villages in an area nearly inaccessible to Christian influence. He shows the people how to tune in to Adventist World Radio and leaves, never to be seen again.



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