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Wake Up Your Bible Study: Getting the Most from Your Time with God

Bible Study, Spiritual Growth


BY:  Richard W. Coffen



Which version of the Bible should I use? How much time should I spend in Bible study? Is reading the Bible the same as studying it? How do I read with understanding? The Bible is the best-selling book of all time, yet many people struggle to make sense of it-or even to pick it up at all. Bogged down by genealogies, and thees and thous, many well-meaning Christians can't quite make it beyond a quick glance at familiar verses. But with the right approach to Bible study, you'll discover that the very Book that once seemed intimidating and irrelevant is actually full of life-changing wisdom and powerful stories. In Wake Up Your Bible Study Richard Coffen explores aspects of Bible study that will transform your reading of Scripture. Sharing insights into the world of the Bible writers, Coffen reveals the ancient cultures and languages that help explain the meaning and significance of God's Word. With fascinating examples and findings, this book will revolutionize your understanding and application of the Holy Bible.



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Wake Up Your Bible Study: Getting the Most from Your Time with God

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